Setting a New Standard for Recycled Parts

Since first opening in 2014 ACM Auto Parts have maintained a high standard in recycled automotive parts. They are Australia’s largest supplier of new and recycled automotive parts specialising in collision and mechanical parts. With sites across Australia they offer fast nationwide delivery.

Choosing recycled automotive parts is a cost-effective option for automotive repairs, with recycled parts often selling for less then 50% of there new counterparts. As a bonus choosing recycled parts are also a more sustainable option, allowing for that additional piece of mind that you are reusing an already existing part rather than having something new created. Recycled parts also offer convenience, generally coming with most of the necessary pieces and attachments included, creating an ease of installation.

ACM Parts Recycled Collision range covers a wide range of models and includes bonnets, bootlids, doors, guards, lights plus much more. Each part is taken through a detailed quality control (QC) process and graded to ensure consistency in expected condition. This QC process is what sets ACM Parts Collision range apart from its competition.

Once arriving at one of ACM’s dismantling facilities each car is carefully dismantled by a team of professionals. Each panel is taken off the vehicle and separated before being transported onto one of ACM’s warehouses across Australia. Once arrived the part is cleaned, polished, and graded depending on its condition.

The ACM Parts condition grading classifies the panel based on its condition, each panel is assigned either a Premium (A000), Classic (A) or Standard (B) grading.

Premium (A000) is defined as a perfect recycled panel, may have some light scratches that can be easily polished out.

Classic (A) is a near new recycled panel, will have 1-2 minor dent (around 0.25 of a credit card) and a few light scratches.

Standard (B) will have some dents, light scratches, or marks, 2-5 dent or damage on each part (around 0.50 of a credit card) with some light scratches.

Once classified each part is then packaged or boxed to ensure it stays in the same condition and stored ready for order.

The grading classification and images of each part are then saved in ACM’s internal system which is used for reference by their internal parts team. ACM Parts have a large team of parts experts available via phone to ensure that the part required is the one selected, they are also able to run through any alternative options that may be available. When quoting the team will reference the condition grading of the part and send an image of it along with the quote.

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