Setting a New Standard for Recycled Parts

Quality Control at ACM Parts

Each reclaimed automotive part from ACM Parts is taken through an extensive quality control process to ensure the part received is as described.

Since opening in 2014 ACM Parts have maintained a high standard in recycled automotive parts through our Reclaimed range. ACM Parts is Australia’s largest provider of alternative and specialty parts to the automotive repair industry, keeping vehicles on Australian roads. We support better ways to repair vehicles by providing a choice of options to extend the life of a vehicle through our extensive range of parts.

Choosing recycled automotive parts is a cost-effective option for automotive repairs, with recycled parts often selling for less than 50% of their new counterparts. As a bonus choosing recycled parts are also a more sustainable option, allowing for that additional piece of mind that you are reusing an already existing part rather than having something new created. Recycled parts also offer convenience, generally coming with most of the necessary pieces and attachments included, creating an ease of installation.

ACM Parts Reclaimed range features both Collision and Mechanical parts, each with there own quality control processes to ensure all Reclaimed parts sold are of the highest quality available.

ACM Parts Reclaimed Collision Quality Control

ACM’s Collision parts covers a wide range of models and includes bonnets, bootlids, doors, guards, lights plus much more. Each part is thoroughly check over by one of our quality control experts, then it is assigned a grading. Most parts in our Collision range will receive an ‘A’ grading, meaning that it has an expected repair time of less than 30 minutes. Any parts given a grading other than A will be discussed at the time of quoting with images and a details description of any damage to be noted on the quote. This QC process is what sets ACM Parts Collision range apart from its competition.

The ACM Parts condition grading classifies the panel based on its condition;

  • A – has an expected repair time of less than 30 minutes.
  • B – Expected repair time of more than 30 minutes. Photographs provided and any damage detailed at the time of quote.

The grading classification and images of each part are then saved in ACM’s internal system which is used for reference by our internal sales team. ACM Parts have a large team of parts experts available via phone, email and Parts Check to assist with your parts enquires.

ACM Parts Reclaimed Mechanical Quality Control

ACM’s mechanical parts range cover all popular models and includes engine, gearboxes, transmissions, differentials, suspension components plus much more. Engine are start tested and all gearboxes are run through their shifting patterns prior to dismantling. All other mechanical parts are inspected by our qualified dismantling team, once dismantled each mechanical part is then cleaned and strapped to a pallet prior to arriving at one of our distribution centers across Australia.

All details of the vehicle that the mechanical part was sourced from are added into our internal system for reference by the sales team when an enquiry is received. Our team will provide these details at the time of quoting in order to select the most appropriate part for your repair.

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