ACM Parts Engines are start tested before dismantling, all fluids are drained and using plugs all water, oil and fuel leakage points are sealed.

Each Engine is shipped complete, clean and ready for installation. ACM recycled engines come with a standard 6-month parts warranty. Additional coverage is available please see our warranty policy for details.

Please note: Engines may require the changing of manifolds, fuel system components, electronic components, rocker covers and/or sumps. All accessories including Turbo/Super charges, Manifolds, Fuel and Cooling systems remain on the Engine for the customers convenience. These items are not covered for warranty. New oil and filters must be installed for warranty to be validated.

Radiator should be cleaned and flushed & timing belt replaced as failure of these components will void the warranty. It is advised to check interchangeability of all components including electrical items before fitment as the warranty does not cover fault finding or engine failure due to incorrect fitment.

Assembly Includes

Complete Engine

Turbocharger / Supercharger

Fuel System

Cooling System


Throttle Body

May Also Include

Wiring Loom



Flywheel / Drive Plate

Clutch Assembly

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