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Recycled automotive parts – building a sustainable future

October 13, 2022

Sustainability is playing an increasing role in our day to day lives, as we look to make conscious decisions based on how our actions will affect the environment in years to come. This is particularly prevalent in the automotive industry, with the rise in electric vehicles on our roads and an increasing consideration for CO2 emissions produced by various forms of transport. Many of us are looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious and reduce our impact on the environment.

Emissions, and the impact of running a vehicle, is gaining greater attention in recent years. However, there needs to be further consideration and awareness for what happens to our vehicles once we are finished with them.

In Australia over 800,000 vehicles are de-registered each year. Most of the components from these vehicles are recyclable — generally over 95% can be either reused or repurposed. This is where the automotive recycling industry steps in, or as many would know them, ‘auto wreckers’ or ‘dismantlers’.

With new safety standards and a higher turnover of vehicles, the automotive dismantling industry has changed significantly in recent years. Traditional wrecking yards are becoming less common and being replaced with more commercial set-ups, where professional dismantlers remove usable parts from the vehicle and supply to customers through the same sales channels as new parts. In addition to the environmental benefits, this also creates a broader parts supply network for mechanical repair shops.

From these discarded vehicles, anywhere between 20 –100 parts are removed, depending on their demand and usability. Typically, engines, transmissions and driveline components are the most popular items removed from vehicles. Smaller parts such as suspension, steering and auto electrical components are also commonly available from auto parts recyclers.

One supplier leading the industry is ACM Parts, with their extensive Reclaimed parts range, which includes recycled parts to suit a wide range of makes and models. ACM Pts has production facilities in all major cities across Australia that dismantle approximately 10,000 cars per year. These parts are tested, cleaned, and packaged before arriving on the shelf at one of their four distribution facilities across the country.

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